Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker lives and work in Gothenburg/Sweden with her two kids and husband. She´s a qualified MFA designer from HDK, School for Design and Crafts. Now she crosses the borders of art, design and photography.

She loves to work with form related to kids and have a blog called Fine Little Day where she shares her everyday life and inspiration sources. She´s also a passionated collector of odd second hand items, and have a web shop, Fine Little Shop. Another project is Studio Violet, wich she shares with artist Camilla Engman.

Thank you very much Elisabeth for saying yes right away to our advent calendar adventure... I still can't believe!
To get Elisabeth's picture, click on it to display it in its real size (12*12cm) and save it on your computer, then it's your turn to print it on lovely paper and make it yours...
Beware! This picture is given to you for private use only during the happy doll advent calendar 2009.